Burlington Elder Law Attorney

We may not be able to control the aging process, but we can prepare for the future with organized and knowledgeable financial and health care planning to ensure a good quality of life in our later years and peace of mind for our loved ones. For effective handling of every aspect of your finances and a range of option regarding long term care planning, consult with Lees & Lees elder law attorney in Burlington for qualified legal guidance.

Guardianship and Conservatorship

In the event that you become incapacitated, the only legal option available to your family and loved ones is to turn to the court to provide solutions regarding your assets which is very often a very lengthy and expensive process. Lees & Lees provides personalized legal services and works closely with you to reviews a range of options that protecting your finances and helps you to determine how your long term health care will be managed. In addition, we will discuss your concerns and requirements for appointing power of attorney to ensure your health and financial specifications are carried out as you wish, as well as any other estate planning concern.

Protecting Your Assets

Lees & Lees elder law lawyer provides valuable legal counsel to protect your assets from being eaten up by nursing home costs in the event that you will require long-term care. Learn about the various financial options available including titling of assets, gifting, insurance options and more from with the legal assistance of a qualified elder law attorney in %MaRKETCITY2%

Medicaid Planning

Long-term health care poses a financial burden for many families. Many individuals pay exorbitant medical fees when they actually qualify for Medicaid. In other cases, individuals may be refused Medicaid and the remaining healthy spouse can be left penniless and in debt. Consult with Lees & Lees effectively review all of your options for long-term care to avoid lost savings and income.

Will & Trust Disputes

There is no substitute for a long standing liaison with a reliable attorney who has worked closely with you and clearly understands your wishes. Regrettably, there are many cases where individuals may attempt to take advantage of an elderly person for financial gain. The law office of Lees & Lees offers experienced legal counsel and solid legal representation to protect your assets in the event of litigation. Visit my Burlington law office in to discuss your concerns when wills or trust are being contested.

A qualified elder law attorney is experienced with finding a range of financial options to ensure your best interests in later years. With extensive knowledge of Medicaid options and financially preparing for long-term care in a nursing home, Lees & Lees provides valuable advice designed to save you money and protect you and your loved ones.

I have dispensed legal guidance to many clients on a wide range of elder care issues. Contact my law office in Burlington to schedule a consultation and for answers to any questions you may have. I will review your specific situation and provide you with a thorough legal analysis to begin planning for your long-term needs.