Hamilton Estate Planning Attorney

After a lifetime of providing for your family, protect your assets with the expertise of an experienced Hamilton lawyer to guarantee a good quality of life today and a secure future later on. The law office of Lees & Lees attorney provides personalized estate planning and probate administration services that are designed to offer peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Whether you require legal services for long-term health care planning, Wills & Trusts, Medicaid or probate administration, consult with a qualified Hamilton estate planning attorney to ensure your wishes are carried out as planned.

Flexible Estate Planning and Professional Legal Guidance to Manage Your Affairs

Estate Planning does not have to be a time consuming and complex process. Lees & Lees is available for in-home consultations and offers flexible scheduling for out-of-town clients who may be required to travel to Hamilton to administer an estate or address probate matters with qualified legal guidance.

Probate Administration - Lees & Lees helps you to organize your final documents, handles claims made against your estate and ultimately oversees the distribution of assets, holdings and investments as you have specified. Consult my Hamilton law office for professional guidance for executor and administrator assistance, estate inheritance tax preparation and orphan’s court litigation.

Wills & Trusts – Benefit from the security of knowing that your affairs will be properly managed after your death. Lees & Lees offers caring and attentive legal guidance for preparation of your Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney and Trusts that are clearly outlined according to the unique requirements of you and your family.

Advanced Health Care Directives – In the event that you become incapacitated, not having a long-term health care plan can be very difficult for both you and your loved ones. Define your medical decisions and the extent of care you wish to receive in the event that you are unable to make your wishes known.

Is it Necessary to Hire an Estate Planning Attorney?

Many people believe that consulting a Hamilton lawyer for estate planning services is solely reserved for the wealthy. Receiving legal assistance to minimize taxation and effectively transfer the bulk of your assets to your loved ones is essential, regardless of the size of your estate. In addition, hiring a lawyer for estate planning services provides the opportunity to make important decisions about any advanced health care directives that your family should know about, as well as deciding upon guardianship issues for minor children and others in your care.

Planning for Peace of Mind

Developing a clear estate plan is one of the most important things you can do. Ensure that that all of your assets are distributed and administered properly and that your specifications regarding long-term health care are carried out by the legally designated individuals you have chosen. Whether you are an administrator or executor who requires legal advice during litigation for specific issues only, or if you require a Hamilton attorney to handle estate planning from start to finish, contact the law office of Lees & Lees for personalized estate planning that provides legal accuracy and peace of mind.