Hamilton Real Estate Attorney

Benefit from qualified legal services from an experienced real estate lawyer in Hamilton for efficient handling of all your real estate transactions. Lees & Lees attorney provides personalized service and in depth knowledge of real estate law for residential or commercial clients that includes:

Real Estate Transactions

For qualified knowledge and experience with all real estate structuring and documentation services, Lees & Lees attorney offers qualified expertise in the procurement of all residential, commercial and industrial properties in Hamilton as well as the negotiation and drafting of all commercial leases. Benefit from solid legal expertise of an experienced real estate lawyer for the structuring of land contracts, the drafting of mortgage documents and a concise and legal analysis of the best form of ownership according to your requirements. A specialist in real estate law, Lees & Lees is available to draft real estate documents including affidavits, license agreements including state and municipal agreements in addition to reviewing and negotiating listing contracts and contractual obligations with real estate brokers for both commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Real Estate Disputes & Litigation

As detailed and complex as it is to begin with, real estate law can become overwhelming when you are faced with disputes and potential litigation. Lees & Lees looks out for and protects your best interest by guiding you every step of the way through title insurance disputes, contractual breach of any real estate contract and the prompt and favorable settling of zoning and any other municipal disputes. Consult with an experienced lawyer in Hamilton for sound legal solutions to partition, rescission, judicial sales and possession pertaining to any real estate dispute including commercial litigation cases and for qualified legal counsel at any administrative hearing.

Real Estate Development

Lees & Lees takes care of the fine print and every legal detail required for real estate development in Hamilton that allow you to do what you do best. For the drafting of property agreements of any type, the acquisition of municipal permits and rezoning, negotiation of infrastructure, utilities, leasing,fees, permits and waivers, consult with Lees & Lees for real estate development legal services including tax credits and tax abatements and government financing.

Hamilton Real Estate Lawyer: Condominium Development

Condominium conversion and development in Hamilton is best handled by an experienced attorney with a keen understanding of real estate law. Lees & Lees provides legal services for the forming of condominium associations as well as drafting all rules, regulations and bylaws. Turn to a legal expert to handle cases involving construction defects, the collection of maintenance fees and fines, when filing liens and foreclosure notices and for clarification of the legal responsibility of the association with respect to unit owners on a range of issues. Professional legal services are also recommended for a concise review of municipal services issues, third party vendor contracts and the legal interpretation of all documentation including the settlement of legal disputes that arise from shared property rights.

Experienced with handling litigation cases for all types of real estate transactions, Lees & Lees works diligently to provide clients with real estate solutions that ensure the best possible results.