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Business Incorporation in Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara

For most business owners, the question is not if, but when, to incorporate their business. Unfortunately, the business incorporation process isn’t as simple as signing your name on a single form. Business incorporation is an extremely involved process. One single misstep and you risk having wasted lots of time and money on the wrong path. That’s why it is important to always seek the counsel of an attorney when pursuing matters such as these. At Lees & Lees, we specialize in aiding business owners through the complicated processes that come with business incorporation. We make what is normally a complex and circuitous endeavour pass by with relative ease. And all the while, we make sure to educate our clients and keep them informed. In a perfect world, our level of commitment would be commonplace in the world of law, however, evidence suggests this isn’t the case.

Lees & Lees’s services are not limited to walking you through the filing of the Ontario Business Corporations Act (OBCA) forms. Lees & Lees discusses the many pressing issues of incorporation with their clients, such as the concepts of limited liability, taxation, and more.

Many things change when your business matures. Let the business incorporation attorneys at Lees & Lees guide you through those changes.

The Incorporation Lawyers of Lees & Lees

Incorporating your business, with or without the aid of Lees & Lees, costs a business money. While it is possible that you might save money incorporating your business yourself, it is often that the business owners of Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara make many legal mistakes. These mistakes prove to be costly. The corrective measures carried out by any attorney wind up being quite expensive. Consulting Lees & Lees and keeping a lawyer on retainer, in the end, saves you money.

Lees & Lees’s incorporation lawyers do more than just tell you where to sign on Form 1 of the Canada Business Corporations Act. Before you sign anything, we will first discuss:

  1. The subject of sole proprietorships, partnerships, and joint ventures.
  2. The concepts of limited liability, taxation, perpetual existence, the costs of incorporation and maintenance, residency requirements for the directors, etc.
  3. Provincial (Ontario) incorporation versus federal incorporation.
  4. The legitimacy of your business’s name or desired name.

When it comes time to finally prepare the articles of incorporation for your business, we will make sure you are aware of the limitations and restrictions that incorporation imposes on your business. We will also ensure that your company’s number of directors does not exceed the maximum amount.

Are you an entrepreneur who needs legal advice? Are you looking to incorporate your small business? Then call Lees & Lees to request a meeting. We’d love to hear from you.

Incorporating Your Business in Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara

As you can see, without the assistance of an incorporation lawyer, business incorporation could very easily become a chaotic and complicated process. With us at your side, you can rest easy knowing that there is an experienced attorney advocating for the success and full compliance of your business.

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