Burlington Corporate Lawyer

Lees & Lees assists Burlington business owners with handling the wide range of intricate legal issues regarding the formation, financing and operating and expansion a commercial enterprise at any phase of its development. Offering extensive experience with providing cost effective business solutions combined with personalized and attentive service, Lees & Lees will help you create a successful growth strategy and work diligently to help you accomplish your business goals. Whether you are a small to mid-size business organization or a nonprofit or single entrepreneur, consult with a qualified corporate attorney on any commercial matter including:

  • Business formation
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Financing
  • Contract negotiating and drafting and review
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Business tax planning
  • Commercial real estate lease, purchase and sale
  • Patent, copyright and trademark registration

Legal Protection for Mergers and Acquisitions

When handling merger and acquisition transactions, business owners must consider every aspect to maximize value and identify all risks. Lees & Lees regularly advises managers and committees who are buying or selling existing businesses on a range of legal issues and transaction types that include due diligence gathering, handling negotiations and the accurate drafting and review of all agreements. Transactions related to mergers and acquisitions can be a complex endeavor, so be sure to clarify all legal documents and intent with a qualified Burlington attorney who provides straightforward legal advice to achieve your business goals.

Legal Guidance When Negotiating Contracts in Burlington

As a seasoned negotiator, Lees & Lees bargains terms with your best interests in mind and effectively represents your needs, and intentions. I clearly outline all of your rights and obligations before committing to anything verbally and also include negotiation strategies that define the terms of a breach of contract by either party.

Lees & Lees clarifies the terms of a contract and clearly outlines the rights and obligations of both parties while informing clients of the best ways to limit liability and maximize benefits. Ensure that all business negotiations and agreements comply with legal requirements by having your commercial contracts drafted and reviewed by a Burlington attorney.

Drafting Business Contracts

Navigating through a fast paced and ever-changing business economy can be complex. Protect your best interests with legal expertise for any contract including includes buy/sell agreements, business Incorporation, franchise agreements, asset and stock purchase agreements, disclaimers, non-disclosure agreements, investor agreements, customer client agreement, distributor/vendor agreements, confidentiality agreements, lender or loan documents and any other type of business that requires qualified certification in Burlington.

Reviewing and Revising Contracts

The law office of Lees & Lees corporate attorney provides the accurate drafting, review and revision of a complete range of business contracts. Although business owners may enter into a range of agreements verbally and in good faith, if the terms of a contract are not written out and clearly detailed conditions become all the more difficult to enforce should breach of contract and litigation arise.

Lees & Lees is committed to streamlining corporate law concerns for business owners in Burlington. For general corporate legal counsel and a full range of legal service designed to support your success, schedule a consultation at our law office for more information.