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Probate Applications

The probate process is an important step when it comes to the preparation of a will.

At Lees & Lees, one of our legal specialties is overseeing probate applications. While probate is not always required for each estate, there are many circumstances when probate is required or highly useful. In general, most estates should be and are probated.

Whether you’re the executor of an estate and are ready to submit a probate application or a testator seeking to discuss your options, Lees & Lees has the services you need!

When you are considering probate or are ready to begin the process, you can trust the legal expertise of Lees & Lees. Our firm has the experience to quickly collect the proper documents and file the application in a timely way.

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Dependable Probate Lawyers

When you’re preparing your will, trust Lees & Lees to show you through the probate process. We have the experience and skills to navigate you through the process and terminology.

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In no time, the probate process will be formally certified, organized, and taken care of.

Applying for Probate

To probate a will implies to have it formally approved and validated in a court of law.

It also implies formal confirmation of the executor outlined in the will. In other words, the probate process is what gives the executor official capacity to act on behalf of the deceased.

It’s generally the job of an executor, known officially in Ontario as an ‘estate trustee,' to undertake the probate application.

Applying for probate can be a complicated process. However, with the proper documentation and knowledge of steps, you can obtain an outcome quickly.

Lees & Lees’s highly experienced probate lawyers have guided many individuals through the probate application process.

With our professional advice and guidance, your application for probate will be completed without stress or delay!

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What Are the Costs Associated With Probate?

The primary cost of probate is the estate administration tax, which may also be known as a probate tax.

Based on the value of the estate, Lees & Lees will draft a comprehensive report of the approximate probate tax cost.

Other incurred costs may include the possibility of needing to search for the will, or the cost of securing any bonds or sureties, if applicable.

What Information is Required for a Probate Application?

To probate a will, Lees & Lees only needs a few pieces of information for the application. This information concerns both the testator (writer of the will) and the executor.

First and foremost, the original signed will is going to be required. Alternatively, if no will is present, confirmation will be needed showing that the deceased died without leaving a will. The death certificate will also be needed.

Lees & Lees will need the full name, last address, date of death, and former occupation of the deceased. Full names and contact information of each living child, sibling, or parent is needed as well.

We will also need the full name, address, and occupation of the executor, including their relationship to the deceased.

Finally, we’ll compile the value of the estate, including a list of assets and their values and pension information.

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