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Estate Administration in Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara

Have you been appointed the administrator of a family member or loved one’s estate? Or are you looking to apply to be the administrator of a loved one’s estate? Whatever the case, it is necessary that you seek the services of a skilled estate or probate attorney. Having served the Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara area since 1884, Lees & Lees is confident that we’re the right legal team for you.

Without the assistance of an experienced attorney you just might make some costly mistakes. Those mistakes might be the ones that leave your loved one’s estate in limbo. Beneficiaries may be unable to access assets. When an estate is tied up in court, beneficiaries are unable to access the testator’s assets. Worst of all, they feel as though they’ve been denied closure.

The world of law is complex. Without proper guidance, you just might make costly mistakes. To ensure your family gets the closure they deserve, call Lees & Lees for legal assistance. We can help you administer the testator’s estate, or we can help you apply to the courts to be the estate’s administrator. All you have to do is call us now.

Estate Administration Lawyers in Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara

The administration of estates, assets, and trusts in the province of Ontario is confusing. At Lees & Lees, we work to make estate administration easier. Having established our firm in 1884, we’ve handled more than our fair share of estates.

Often the role of an estate administrator is much more complicated, unfortunately. When someone is named the executor in a will, the executor simply carries out the testator’s wishes as communicated in the will. An administrator, on the other hand, is not chosen by the deceased testator. An estate administrator (or estate trustee) is a court-appointed individual. They are court-appointed either because the deceased did not name anyone as an executor in their will, or they did not leave behind any will at all.

In the event that the deceased did not leave a will, a loved one needs to apply for a Grant of Administration. Otherwise, the deceased’s estate will be handled by Ontario’s Office of The Public Guardian And Trustees (OPGT).

Lees & Lees can help you with all the documents and forms needed to ensure that your role as estate trustee is solidified and legally recognized. We’ll guide you through the grant of administration, the probate proceedings, and more.

The Duties of an Estate Trustee

As the trustee of the testator’s estate, there are many things they might be expected to do. Some of these responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Funeral arrangements for deceased
  • The securing and appraising of all assets
  • Applying for probate
  • The distribution of assets
  • Rewarding the beneficiaries

These tasks are difficult enough for any layperson. If they’re also coping with the death of a loved one, or are enmeshed with people who are grieving, it can be even more difficult. Don’t trouble yourself with costly mistakes! Call Lees & Lees today. We’d love to hear from you.

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