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Last Will and Testament in Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara

A last will and testament, though it might not seem of any benefit to you, greatly benefits the family, friends, and others left in your wake. It allows your loved one’s to navigate the aftermath of your passing with greater ease, fewer disagreements, and no costly legal disputes. We all wish there were ways to make the pains of grieving and bereavement more endurable. An official last will and testament is one of the handful of ways to do just that, and Lees & Lees can help you.

Lees & Lees has assisted many people throughout Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara with their last will and testament. Assessing wills, handling the preparation and management of estates, and navigating our clients through the confusion of the probate process are but a few of our services.

Seeking the services of a licensed Ontario attorney during the drafting and finalizing of your last will and testament will save your family from having to seek the costly services of a legal team later on.

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Wills and Estate Lawyers in Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara

Have you drafted a will? Do you want it proofread by a trustworthy attorney who has your best interests at heart? Do you need assistance in estate planning, or general information about last wills and testaments? Whatever the case, Lees & Lees can help you. We are a full-service law firm whose specialties are estate planning, the finalizing of wills, and probate.

If you’ve already signed and stored your will, you might be suspicious of what an estate lawyer could do for you. Isn’t it just as simple as writing your demands into a document, signing it, and filing it away? Not quite.

There are many oversights that can be made with wills, particularly if there are many demands, or if you have a large estate. Lees & Lees can walk you through your will. When looking at your last will and testament, we will help you determine the manner in which your estate is to be distributed, we will help you determine the most suitable executor or executrix, and we will carefully proofread your will to make sure it is coherent and free of contradictions.

Making a Will in Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara

Your will is one of the most important documents you’ll ever put your signature to. Even if you’re someone who does not have immense wealth or a large estate, you should not forgo the drafting of a notarized will. A valid will can determine the guardianship of your minor children, and the distribution of sentimental objects, heirlooms, pets, and so forth.

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