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Power of Attorney for Personal Care

Every day, Lees & Lees helps clients prepare for an uncertain future in a variety of ways. One way is through the establishment of power of attorney.

Power of attorney for personal care is one of two types of power of attorney, the other being for property.

Our highly qualified legal team has the expertise to guide you through the writing of this document and the selection of a suitable power of attorney. We streamline this multi-step process into a simple experience free of stress or hassle.

We advocate for you with empathy and consideration, helping you prepare for any outcome.

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What is a Power of Attorney for Personal Care?

A power of attorney for personal care is a written legal document which grants someone of your choosing to make your decisions should you become unable to.

This person, called your ‘attorney,' is responsible for making decisions concerning your health and well-being in the event that you become mentally unable to oversee these matters yourself.

These aspects of life may include your medical care or treatment, housing, diet, transportation, and safety.

While it isn’t necessary to opt for a power of attorney for personal care, other arrangements will have to be made if something happens. The arrangements may not necessarily be according to your wishes. For this reason, clients are well advised to grant power of attorney for personal care.

Power of Attorney in Ontario

Lees & Lees works alongside you to draft this document and prepare the necessary information. The process requires a mixture of carefully analyzing the present, and also considering future and hypothetical situations.

In order to give power of attorney for personal care, you must first prove to be mentally capable of making this significant decision. This includes knowledge of assets and their value, obligations to dependents, and understanding the responsibilities you ask of someone.

When you’re ready to prepare the document, or would prefer to discuss the intricacies further, simply give Lees & Lees a call and schedule your appointment!

Power of Attorney for Personal Care vs. Living Will

While there are significant overlaps between these two, they are different. A living will is basically a more specific version of a power of attorney for personal care, and is often included in it.

A living will is specific to medical care and treatment, and whether a person should be kept alive by machines if they may not recover.

Personal care attorneys must take care of these matters as well as other aspects of personal life.

Choosing Your Power of Attorney

Power of attorney in Canada is a relatively simple process. The greatest decision will be who you choose to act as your personal care power of attorney.

This personal is generally a spouse, relative, or close friend. You must be assured that this individual will act with your best interests at heart, and adhere to your wishes as specified.

The person must be over 16 years of age, be deemed mentally competent, be willing to act as your power of attorney, and is not being paid to provide you with medical or residential services.

Your power of attorney for personal care will afford you control and peace-of-mind. Lees & Lees would be glad to assist you with this process.

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