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Help With Wills, Estates, and Trusts—Choose Lees & Lees for Trustees and Executors

At Lees & Lees, we take good financial stewardship seriously. Our lawyer specializing in wills, estates, and trusts cares for the financial future of your family—in whatever way works best for you. From setting up trusts to shepherd wealth over the next few decades, liquidating estates and distributing wealth to future generations, or serving as trustees to make sure your beneficiaries are well cared for, Lees & Lees is ready to take on a wide variety of roles to guarantee your family’s financial stability for years to come.

You decide how much of the Executor or Executrix role you would like us to look after. Our services range from simple guidance through the estate administration process to complete estate management and administration. If you are a named Executor and Trustee or Executrix and Trustee in a Last Will and Testament, we can make the process virtually effortless.

Partner with a lawyer from Lees & Lees if you want to deal with a law firm experienced in matters of fiduciary excellence. Our lawyers have diverse interests and areas of study, but all are prepared to help you create a financial plan for your future that makes sense.


Family, living, and educational trusts are a sophisticated tool with a wide variety of practical applications. From reducing your estate’s income tax burden to protecting your privacy and preventing costly legal battles among your heirs, setting up a trust (or multiple trusts) is a wise decision for many.

Lees & Lees has a dedicated lawyer specializing in all manners of trusts in Ontario. We can oversee your trusts as trustees to ensure continuity of your wishes for the future or we can set up trusts that meet your needs. Choose Lees & Lees to set up the following trusts:

  • Testamentary trust
  • Living or inter vivos trust
  • Spendthrift trust
  • Spousal trust

Serving as Trustees

Remove conflicts of interests from your trusts and guarantee the successful stewardship of your wishes. Lees & Lees’ is willing and able to sit as trustees to help protect your beneficiaries decades into the future.

Wills and Estates

Preparing for your family’s financial future after you’re gone is no easy task. Even the most financially savvy individual needs help navigating the complex world of Ontario estate planning.

No matter how small or large your estate will be, there are ways to maximize the value you pass on to the next generation—and Lees & Lees is here to help you with those.

From probating your will to creating a sophisticated setup that passes wealth to your inheritors through a variety of channels, Lees & Lees will help clearly explain to you all your options and develop the plan that’s perfect for you and your family.

A Tradition of Excellence

Lees & Lees works with some of the best and brightest legal minds working in Ontario today. Put our team of talented and successful lawyers to work for you devising wealth protection strategies that shield your assets against taxation, probate fees, and depreciating investments.

Choose a brighter future for you and your family’s finances. Contact one of the lawyers or support staff at Lees & Lees to set a time to sit down and discuss legal representation with us.

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