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Notary Public/Notarize Documents

For many years, clients have entrusted their most important documents and information with Lees & Lees’ notary public services.

A notary public provides a necessary and invaluable range of services in many different capacities.

Notary publics can serve as official witnesses for any agreement within parties. They may also witness and verify signatures and create official copies of documents.

Any legally binding document, such as a draft contract, mortgage, promissory note, or will, can be drafted and verified by a notary public.

A notarized document denotes a document that has been certified to be truthful and accurate. Once certified by a notary public, a document can be authenticated by the Government of Canada.

No matter the documents in question, a notary public can assist with a wide variety of tasks. Whether you need notary signing services, a notarized letter, or simply wish to consult, Lees & Lees’s notary public services will have what you need.

To schedule an appointment with a notary public, call Lees & Lees today. We would be delighted to put our years of expertise to work for you!

Role of a Notary Public

In Ontario, a notary public is usually a qualified lawyer.

Oaths, formerly known as affidavits, constitute an important part of a notary public’s job. These are written statements or declarations that are sworn to be genuine and correct.

Notaries can serve either private individuals or businesses. In addition to notarizing documents, notary publics may witness powers of attorney, oversee transactions, and many others.

Notary publics can provide secure record to nearly any type of document, event, or situation. The cost for these services will be dictated by the oath/signature/seal required.

Lees & Lees’ highly qualified notary publics have the ability to guide you through any legal complexities. We have experience working with all different types of documents for a variety of purposes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Notarize Documents With Lees & Lees

Lees & Lees’ legal team has the capacity to notarize a wide array of documents, no matter your needs.

Government documents and records, educational transcripts, legal and medical documents, and certificates are just some examples of documents we’re able to notarize.

If you are making copies of an original document Lees & Lees’s notary public services ensure that your copies are authentic and genuine reproductions of the originals.

Notarized letters, birth certificates, land transfer signatures, mortgage signatures, passports, and professional exam applications are examples of documents that frequently require a notary public.

If you have questions about a specific document or procedure, call Lees & Lees. We’ll be happy to assist you!

Commission Document With Lees & Lees

When you sign an oath or declaration, a Commissioner verifies that you signed the oath in front of them.

A Commissioner isn’t responsible for the content of your affidavit—this is up to the party whose signature is being commissioned (the deponent).

As a result, they need to ensure the details and terms are correct, as they are swearing on oath that they are factual.

All the deponent needs is to bring is proper identification, and ensure that the document is signed before the commissioner.

If you have any questions about specific documents, or believe you may require notary public services, contact Lees & Lees today!

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