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Real Estate Sales and Purchases

Home or property ownership is an exciting moment in anyone’s life, in addition to a significant financial investment.

The real estate market is an ever-changing and increasingly complex world to make sense of. Whether you are a buyer or seller, your movement within and across the market will be affected by conditions, taxes, and property values in your area.

Property ownership entails a very large number of documents and agreements, often complicated to read and understand. These documents often include the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, condominium status certificates, condominium budgets and bylaws, mortgages, bridge loans, restrictive covenants, and plans of subdivision, to name a few.

When you are in need of sound legal advice from a team that is dedicated to your protection, you can trust Lees & Lees.

Dependable Experienced Real Estate Lawyers

As a leading real estate law firm, our team works with expertise and precision to guide you through property agreements, certificates, and other documentation pertinent to your property purchase or sale.

Lees & Lees specializes and is well-versed in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate. We have the experience to prepare and negotiate agreements and other documents. We’ll work with you every step of the way, ensuring that you are completely informed and protected. We will gladly answer any question that you may have - no question is too simple or complex!

When it comes to this important transaction, Lees & Lees provides transparency and clarity. We ensure that neither buyers nor sellers are taken advantage of. We also make sure the sale/purchase proceeds in a timely and efficient manner. Both buyers and sellers want to see their deal close on time, with the contractual terms that they negotiated adhered to. We look out for our clients' best interests while ensuring that our deals close as planned!

With our expert real estate lawyer at your service, you’ll be able to minimize risks and unexpected surprises as you plan for your future.

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What Can a Real Estate Lawyer Assist Me With?

As a specialist in property law, Lees & Lees’ legal familiarity includes taxation, zoning issues, transfers of deeds and titles, covenants, mortgage drafting, contract issues, facilitating transactions, and much more.

Whether you are purchasing, selling, or refinancing, it is always in your best interest to consult with a real estate lawyer. In fact, real estate transactions in Ontario cannot be completed without a lawyer signing off on the transfer.

We will negotiate on your behalf, dictating terms and advising the best course of action. We will identify the pitfalls that may have been overlooked.

While brokers and lenders are the parties most commonly dealt with in a real estate transaction, neither can provide legal advice. Having an experienced team of property lawyers on your side will assure the safety of your significant financial undertaking. We pride ourselves on being incredibly personable and creating an easy-going, friendly, and comfortable environment for our clients.

Buying a Residential or Commercial Property

When you are going about purchasing a home, Lees & Lees will conduct a title search, ensuring that all the documentation is correct and up-to-date. This is important in ensuring that property that you want to buy is exactly the property that you will get.

We also have the ability to draw up statements of adjustments, get title insurance in place, and facilitate the final transaction when the time comes. We work with you every step of the way and answer any questions that you may have, even after the closing of your purchase.

Selling a Residential or Commercial Property

When you are preparing to sell, Lees & Lees will draft your home or business’s deed in preparation for the next buyer. We will also calculate any outstanding closing costs.

When the sale has gone through, we will facilitate real estate agent fees, legal fees, and any remaining mortgage payments. We notify the City and most utilities of your purchase so you can focus on what's important - getting on with your life after your sale.

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