Burlington Legal Services

Legal services should be accessible to everyone in Burlington. Learn more about your rights and responsibilities with easy access to the lawyers and information required to effectively resolve most civil legal matters. Lees & Lees offers legal services on a sliding scale or completely free depending on your income.

Lees & Lees Areas of Practice Include:

Landlord and Tenant - For questions regarding landlord tenant law in Burlington, discrimination in public or rentals, information about ending your lease or your rights when it comes to eviction, contact our Burlington office.

Employment - Lees & Lees offers legal information regarding job security and employment standards as well as offering legal help with any type of discrimination in the workplace. Contact us for information about overtime laws, hours of work, pregnancy and other matters of employment law in Burlington.

Consumer Protection – Are your utility bills too high to keep up with? Have you had a problem with online banking and require legal assistance? Have you been a victim of identity theft? Call Lees & Lees for a range of resources and information related to consumer law that also includes debt counselling services.

Family Law – Get answers to your legal questions about divorce, custody and child visitation form the qualified legal experts at Lees & Lees.

Tax Services – Having a problem tracking your tax refund or are you experiencing a form of tax abuse? Lees & Lees helps residents of Burlington to with a range of tax information resources that includes everything from claiming children and relatives to dealing with the IRS.

Business legal Services - Lees & Lees staff will assist individuals who may just be starting out in business with a basic legal review of contract agreements and contract drafting, as well as providing young and new entrepreneurs with a range of basic corporate legal advice.

Veterans Services – Speed up claims for social security and other benefits with expert legal help including basic estate planning and housing information for Veterans.

Healthcare and Public Benefits - Understand the basics for applying for Medicaid and other healthcare services in Burlington geared toward those who do not have health insurance.

Immigration - Lees & Lees provides legal assistance for matters related to citizenship and naturalization including applications made in humanitarian grounds and for family reintegration.

Notarial Services for the Authorization of Documents - If you require income verification affidavits for housing, daycare subsidies, immigration purposes or any other matter, contact our Burlington legal services office for assistance.

Access Your Right to a Range of Legal Services

Lees & Lees is dedicated to providing qualified legal services and information on a broad range of civil legal matters to those who cannot afford access to a lawyer in Burlington. Our mission focusses in providing the necessary legal resources, information and referrals to those individuals who would otherwise be denied access to legal justice. If you are a resident of Burlington and believe you have been unfairly treated according to the law in any of the areas listed above, contact the Lees & Lees office to find out of you are eligible for legal assistance and for referrals and answers to any questions you may have.