Hamilton Corporate Lawyer

With a proven track record for providing small or large businesses in Hamilton with exceptional legal advice, the law office of Lees & Lees corporate attorney protects clients against the legal risks of any and all commercial transactions and clarifies details on the range of options that will benefit their businesses. Access to a qualified business attorney trained to clarify the repercussions beyond the fine print and terminology of a legal business document, allow business owners to make informed decisions that accomplish their business goals. For sound legal advice that meets all requirements regarding corporations, limited liability companies, joint ventures, partnerships and any other corporate law concern, contact my law office for services that include:

Legal Services for Corporations and Businesses

Corporate Entity Formation - Lees & Lees advises clients in Hamilton on all matters regarding corporate titles and corporate entities for operations or conversions that include forming a corporation, a limited liability company and/or partnership, joint ventures, non-profits and other entities, as well as providing accurate and relevant legal drafting of articles of formation, bylaws, operating and partnership agreements.

Legal Advice For Financing – Consult with an experienced Hamilton lawyer for practical guidance on bank and financial services lending, including secured lending arrangements, private placement and securities offerings, venture capital, preferred stock or angel financing.

Drafting And Review Of Contracts - Lees & Lees drafts and reviews all customer and vendor service provider contracts, contracts involving sales representatives , employees and distributors, as well as drafting licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, indemnification agreements and proprietary rights agreements. Consult with my Hamilton law office for stock options plans and grants, subscription agreements or for the efficient legal drafting of minutes and resolutions on issues of governance and shareholder agreements, voting trusts, succession planning and buy sell agreements.

Mergers and Acquisitions - The law office of Lees & Lees advises clients regarding pre acquisition plans drafts letters of intent as well as negotiating and formulation all legal documentation with regard to any type of merger or stock or asset purchase. For qualified tax planning and appraisal, and due diligence that carefully evaluates the commercial potential of any commercial organization, consult with a qualified corporate attorney in Hamilton to maintain your best interests.

Corporate Litigation – Lees & Lees aggressively protects your business interests as a principal negotiator and will effectively resolve business disputes for clients in Hamilton on a wide range of matter including bankruptcy and creditors rights that include legal services for commercial loan workouts, the prompt resolution of debtor and creditor issues and outline the legal steps necessary to ensure debt recovery or handling of commercial foreclosure.

A Knowledgeable Corporate Lawyer for Today’s Fast Paced Economy

Today’s Hamilton business owner requires a competent and qualified attorney to provide legal counsel and representation for a within a wide range of complex areas that affect the growth and development of their businesses. Whether your commercial legal requirements include questions about financing and taxation, organizing your business, labor negotiations, employment issues, partnerships agreements, or protecting your rights and interests during disputes and business litigation, contact Lees & Lees for sound legal advice that ensures you achieve all of your business goals.