Niagara Real Estate Lawyer

Buying or selling property is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Lees & Lees assists residential and commercial clients with every aspect of real estate transactions to ensure your investments are protected. Benefit from a thorough legal analysis at affordable rates for all contracts and documents related to your Niagara real estate investments. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a real estate developer, a property manager or landlord, consult with an experienced and qualified real estate lawyer to ensure the security of your financial best interests.

Buying & Selling Property in Niagara

Lees & Lees negotiates and drafts terms of contracts for the purchase or sale of any residential or commercial property in Niagara to avoid unforeseen property issues or potential legal problems. Payout, the disbursement of sales proceeds, mortgage titles and all aspects of potential concern are carefully reviewed before the final closing. Buyers and sellers are always advised to have real estate contracts legally reviewed by an experienced real estate lawyer to not only clarify rights and obligations, but to include any contingency clauses to avoid the possibility of future real estate disputes and litigation.

The Law Office of Lees & Lees provides legal services related to:

Real Estate Refinancing

With extensive experience in real estate law, Lees & Lees can inform you of your best options when it comes to refinancing your home in Niagara. Obtain personalized legal guidance from a qualified attorney to clarify the difference between refinancing and a mortgage modification, or whether you should choose to refinance with bank or a mortgage company.

The Purchase and/or Conversion of Condominiums

The Condominium market in Niagara is ever changing and transactions VERY often involve a certain amount of risk and considerable stress. Whether you’re buying or selling a condo for conversion, investment or for commercial lease, ensure that all real estate documents are handled by a trustworthy legal representative. Lees & Lees offers extensive experience for overseeing every aspect involving the real estate issues particular to condominiums including condo associations, zoning regulations and enforcement issues with regard to tenant vs ownership.

Commercial Real Estate

From the initial contract to the final closing, Lees & Lees provides commercial real estate developers and property owners of all types with experienced legal guidance every step of the way through the buying and selling process. I have a keen understanding of the commercial real estate market in Niagara and will find the most cost effective solutions to protect your rights and financial interests.

Why Hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

Real estate transactions that are not properly drafted or reviewed by a legal expert can result in lengthy and expensive legal disputes. Many clients who find themselves involved in real estate litigation never could have imagined it happening. Ensure that all the terms of negotiation and conditions are carefully reviewed by a real estate attorney to protect your real estate investment before signing any documents. Lees & Lees provides in-depth legal knowledge on every aspect of any type of real estate transaction for either commercial or residential clients in Niagara to avoid unforeseen legal problems or unnecessary delays.